A NEW True Alpha Challenge BEGINS!

This past week my travel schedule brought me through the Salt Lake City airport for a 3 hour layover before my red eye home to New York.  It presented the perfect opportunity to meet with one of my facebook buddies face-to-face.  Ty Bateman is a personal trainer in a suburb of Salt Lake City and an awesome guy.  Ty drove to the airport to meet with me and talk about training, diet, his brand new fitness studio “getFITwithTY” in Tooele, and the whole True Alpha concept.  Ty’s a huge fan of Alpha Male Challenge, and he came armed with a copy of the book for me to sign and a proposition: a Challenge for folks in his area to strive to be their best … and win cash while doing it!  Here’s his pitch:

getFITwithTY Professional Fitness in association with True Alpha Training is welcoming ALL, to the biggest Challenge and give away in our history.  We are pleased to announce the True Alpha Challenge to both men AND women who are looking to make a significant change in their lives through this new revolutionary program.  True Alpha Training is soon introducing its newest addition to the training world, the Alpha Female Challenge!  Its predecessor, the Alpha Male Challenge (Rodale, 2009), is already changing lives currently around the world.  Rick and James, authors of the Alpha Male Challenge, are proud to introduce their revolutionary new program for the all the Females out there wanting to make a change in their lives and take control!  The True Alpha Challenge program is the exact blueprint you will need to change your mind and body … and have the best time doing it! And our Challenge can even put money in your pocket!

We are looking for 10 teams of 6 people (3 male and 3 female on each team) who want to lose fat and look amazing! There will be an individual overall winner from each gender and a winning team of 6.  Each gender winner will receive $7,200.00!!! The winning team will receive $14,400; each winning team member will receive $2,400!!! This amazing give-away is unprecedented and we can’t wait!  Get your teams together now and sign up early!  Program costs are $2,400 for the entire 10 week contest, which includes personal training sessions and nutrition counseling.  As you can see, all members of the winning team will not only improve their looks and health, but will even receive their entire program costs back!  That means getting into your best shape FOR FREE!!!  And the overall winner of each gender will be both amazing to look at … and rolling in the dough!

Signed AMC To Ty 150X 150We’re wishing enormous success for Ty and his Challenge, and we’ll help in any and every way we can — including participating in the judging process to determine the winners!  Ty’s bringing the “rewards” associated with a better body to a whole new level!  Put your money where your body is!  His studio is at 336 North Main Street in Tooele, Utah.  If you’re in his area, call him at 435-882-3833 and get started on the road to being your best!!!   Meanwhile, Ty even signed up to join me on the Global Leap for Life charity skydive next month as my first member (and team captain!) of Team Utah!!  You rock, Ty!!!

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