Flexing the Courage Muscle

In an effort to once again push my own panic button, I’ll be hurling myself out of a perfectly good airplane in a few weeks to raise money for cancer research. And I won’t be alone. My Leap for Life charity skydive is a global event this year, and a West Coast celebrity DJ has stepped up to flex his courage muscle.

JoJo Wright, host of the nationally syndicated “JoJo on the Radio,” will join the skydivers across the globe to help raise awareness and funds in the fight against cancer. A first-time skydiver who admits he is “terrified” about the jump, JoJo will be jumping at Skydive Perris in California – where, as part of the global “Leap for Life” fundraising effort, he will be part of this first-ever contemporaneous skydiving event taking place in cities, and countries, throughout the world. You can read JoJo’s announcement at: http://www.jojolive.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=93%3Ajojo-wright-to-skydive-for-lance-armstrong-charity

The “2010 Global Leap for Life” will take place the weekend of August 21st – August 22nd, 2010. As part of the 2010 Global Leap for Life, participating skydivers will be able to create their own fundraising web page and hold their own local “Leap for Life” in their communities – allowing friends, families and co-workers to make tax-deductible donations directly to the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LiveSTRONG) in honor of their “Leap for Life.”

Aspiring skydivers interested in following JoJo Wright’s bad-ass lead and participating in this unique worldwide skydiving adventure should visit www.leapforlife.org for additional information. In addition, skydiving drop zone owners are encouraged to join this fundraising effort by offering discounted rates for jumpers, and should also visit the website for more information about becoming involved with the program and opportunities for drop zones.

Those involved in non-profits or charities and are looking for ways to generate donations for their causes should seriously consider crowdfunding platforms, like GoFundMe, as a way of raising money for the things that matter to them the most. The power of the internet has been proved time and time again and it’s showing to be an effective method of charitable giving too.

Even if you can’t jump with us, please donate! I know economic times are tough, but even a small contribution of $10 or $20 can help fund the essential research needed to help find better treatments for all types of cancer. Please donate at www.leapforlife.org.

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