Brandon Girardi: A True Alpha Success!

Team True Alpha member Taylor Simon of Taylored Training shared the following testimonial from Brandon Girardi, 25, one of his training clients who just completed the Alpha Male Challenge!  Thanks, Taylor, and big kudos to Brandon! More proof that the AMC program not only torches body fat, but builds muscle — even in hard gainers!

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Here’s Brandon’s story:

I have always been a “lean” guy.  In high school I was a basketball player so I never really worried too much about bulk, I was just happy to be tall.  I was always very athletic and involved in many sports.  I started weightlifting around age 18 and saw a lot of improvement in my skin & bones frame but never really felt muscular.  In university I would dedicate myself to working out hard all summer only to slack off and eat horrible food all through the school year.  So by the time I finished university and started my post-grad education I was right back where I had started.  I definitely had some knowledge but the commitment and motivation just weren’t there.  I needed something to challenge my mind and body, to keep me coming back to the gym.

That’s where the Alpha Male Challenge kicked in.

It was around February of 2010 after 2 months of 12 hour a day, 6 day a week shifts, that I looked at myself in the mirror and felt awful.  I was wasted away and weak and this mental image sapped me of any confidence in my everyday life.  I shied from confrontation and felt unattractive to my wife.  Then I was offered the Alpha Male Challenge.  Reading through the book, I immediately approved of the philosophy.  To succeed in life I need to feel strong, to be strong, and to feel like a leader.  When I started the Challenge I was 6’2″ and 162 lbs.  My biceps measured 13.25″ on the right and 13″ on the left.  My chest was 36″ and my waist was 32″.  My run time and vertical jump were excellent but that was a result of my basketball.  My max flat bench press was 185 lbs for 6 reps.

The exercises in the Alpha Male Challenge program have such great variation.  This is paramount in maintaining interest and challenging muscle groups in different ways over the course of the ten weeks.  I was not a guy who needed to lose weight (quite the opposite) but I still enjoyed the Work Heart/Play Heart part of the program.  I started boycotting the elevator at work, which was really a challenge with 10 flights.  It definitely helped my cardio (so I didn’t feel like death at every workout), and the stairs were great for my glute and quad endurance. 

When I used to workout on my own I would always go for max weight.  All I wanted to do was lift heavy.  The progression of muscle building and max strength excercises in the program are a revolutionary change to my previous methods.  I saw rapid improvements in muscle bulk and power.  At the end of the 10 weeks my max flat bench increased to 225 for 6 reps, an improvement of 40 lbs!  My 1 rep max on flat bench is now 245 lbs!  I gained 1 inch on each biceps and 4 inches on my chest.  The most amazing thing is, my body — which has never gained weight — gained 13 lbs!  So here I am at 175 lbs and counting with a 40″ chest over 14″ biceps.

I am so proud of myself and my progress.  My confidence in myself has increased dramatically.  Clothes fit better and I’m happy when I look in the mirror.  The Alpha Male Challenge has definitely changed my life.  The best part is this accomplishment has only given me more motivation to continue with fitness.  I can’t imagine what I’ll look like in 10 more weeks!

We’re excited for you, Brandon!!!  Awesome stuff!  Congrats to you and the folks at Taylored Training for an amazing transformation!  So, guys … what are you waiting for?

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