Zero to Hero?

Publisher Steve Blechman and my friends over at Muscular Development and FitnessRx for Men have been terrific supporters of all my work, from Legal Muscle to Alpha Male Challenge.  Steve gave AMC awesome coverage in multiple issues of FitnessRx for Men, including a major spread last fall.

Apparently, the husband of one Mrs. Mona Lannigan, inspired by the article, took the MaleScale with not very satisfactory results.  But rather than slinking off to the nearest couch to drown his woes in beer and nachos, he bought Alpha Male Challenge and started reading … and took the Challenge.

The result?  Well, I’ll let Mrs. Lannigan tell the story herself.  Here’s the word-for-word email she sent to the FitnessRx for Men Mail Room (published in the July 2010 FitnessRx for Men, page 14, on sale now):

Alpha Male Challenge

My husband took the “Alpha Male Challenge” a few months ago. To answer the question, “Are you man enough?” after tallying up the results, his answer was a resounding “No!” But my hubby worked his flabby butt off, following the guidelines in the book— and trained like a demon until he was “Alpha Male worthy.” Now he’s a ripped, hard, hunky (is that word too ‘80s?) and lean Alpha Male machine— a dynamo whose energy and testosterone flew through the roof! My husband is so proud of himself, he even takes his shirt off just to take the garbage cans down to the street… and he gives some of the neighbors a thrill. Needless to say, I’m the happiest woman alive. Thank you, Rick Collins, and FitnessRx for Men.

Mona Lannigan


Well, thank you, Mrs. Lannigan!  James and I are enormously proud of our book and the results that readers are getting!  We hope your bare-chested hubby keeps thrilling the neighbors for many years to come!

Best in health,

Rick Collins

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