One-Arm Rows for a Thicker Back

Your lats put the V in V-taper.  But if you want an impressive upper back, you’ll want it to be not only wide, but also thick, so that you look just as good from the side.  For training purposes, pulling downward, like in wide-grip pulldowns or chins, targets width, and pulling backward, like in rowing movements, improves back thickness (Alpha Wave Basic Training includes variations of both types of movements). 

The video depicts a set of one-arm rows on a Hammer Strength machine — a great movement for upper back thickness.  It may feel like a somewhat shorter range of motion than some other types of rows (e.g., two-arm cable rows) because the chest pad, combined with the need to stabilize with the non-working hand, limits the forward stretch potential.  The trade-off, however, is that you can handle pretty heavy weight with no strain whatsoever on the lower back.  If you have access to this or any other type of row machine with a chest support, try one-arm rows with some serious resistance and watch your back get thicker!

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