Are You Ready to Change?

Does a True Alpha future and the physical and social rewards it can bring sound good to you? Great! Welcome aboard! But remember that even a great plan like the Alpha Male Challenge must build upon your readiness to change. Taking stock of where we initially are can help us enhance our chances for success as we embark on our True Alpha journey. 

Every guy comes with a different level of readiness to change. We know the program presented in AMC can work for every guy, but making the most of it requires being ready to commit. You have to see a need to change. Some guys just don’t see that need, even if others tell them they should. They’re not self-motivated. If they do try, it’s because someone else insisted on it. But no program is likely to work for them. They just are not ready. 

Then there are the guys who have that nagging feeling that they can do better for themselves and those around them, but are on the fence. If they jump in without being ready, they may be less likely to succeed; it’s like trying to gain muscle on a starvation diet – the urge is there, but the necessary fuel is not – so it probably won’t work. Before they start a transformative program, these guys need to strengthen their readiness to change by focusing on reasons to change – how the benefits of the program can enhance their lives. If they simply go for it and change is less than optimal for them, it isn’t because the plan was bad. It was because they were not ready to execute it. How can you “prime the pump” if you fall in this category? Spend some time here on the AMC website. Read the articles, watch the video, and engage in discussions with the authors and others. And take the MaleScale – see exactly where you stand, right now as compared to where you would like to be on all those True Alpha attributes.

Then there’s the category of guys who are ready to change, to commit, right now. They need no further priming. Many have been searching for a plan to reach their goals of inner and outer improvement – a map to get them from here to there. These guys simply need to grab a copy of AMC, get on the website, and start the program immediately. They are ready and, with the AMC, can be sure that they have now found a plan that will work.

Knowing where we are in our path to change (in addition to where we want to be) can help us avoid setbacks and demoralization; without readiness even a great plan like the AMC can go awry. We can seek ways to increase readiness and to identify roadblocks to full commitment to change. Exploring our change status helps us stay motivated and have realistic expectations about the work it takes. Examining who we are today and where we want to be tomorrow can help us to enhance readiness to take action, maintain commitment, set concrete reasonable attainable goals, and make the most of our efforts. Being part of the AMC community and its camaraderie offers the chance to share that readiness with others, including those not quite ready to change.

That, then, is the full package for AMC transformation!

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