"I Just Completed the Alpha Male Challenge!"

This just came in by email from a True Alpha brother in Vermont:

Hello! I just finished Week #10 on Sunday and decided to make the last day of Week #10 the first day of Week #1 of another round of the Challenge! I did Level B the first time around and have started at Level A this time! My original Alpha Factor was a measly 47 on February 7th, 2010, but it went up to a 72 on April 16th, 2010! My goal for the second challenge is to get my score up into the 80’s and continue on the improved life path that your great book showed me. I have also purchased and printed the Workouts e-manual to use for the second Challenge. Thanks go out to you guys for putting it all together for me! Oh yeah, the new Kanji tattoo that says Commitment, Confidence, Courage and Conscience on the back of my left arm has been a big hit with all my family and peers!

— T.J . Lash, Colchester, Vt

Wow, T.J., congratulations! That’s a remarkable increase on your MaleScale score! We’re so glad the improvement isn’t just “on paper,” but is having a real impact on your life! Let’s see a picture of that tattoo, T.J.!

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