Going to New Heights, and Pushing Himself to New Limits, As He Embraces Adventure

GC14He’s scaled Rocky Mountain on the Manitou Incline, hiked in Red Rock Canyon, done ocean helmet diving, camped deep in the Grand Canyon and – most recently – climbed the 14,000 foot summit of Pikes Peak via the Crags Trail and Devil’s Playground.  He’s jumped from a plane at 13,500 feet four times (overcoming his fear of heights in order to raise money in the fight against cancer) … and is planning his first solo skydive.  Rick’s love of adventure – combined with his desire to “push himself to new limits” – was an inspiration for the “Alpha Attitude” he described in his coauthored book, “Alpha Male Challenge.”  His quest for new challenges has led him to some exciting places and resulted in some amazing experiences… and he’s not done yet.

Rick’s adventurous spirit, high energy, and boundless creativity have led him on adventures beyond both law and fitness.  Take a look at some of what Rick has done over the past few years – including the most recent photos of his exhilarating Pikes Peak climb.  For this latest adventure, he was able to once again combine his love of adventure with his commitment to academics – squeezing in the challenging climb as he travelled to Colorado to attend the International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Conference as a speaker, Advisory Board member and Legal Advisor.

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Rick Collins, the Adventurer.  Pushing his limits, and going to new heights as he takes on any and all new challenges.

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