What Not to Eat!!

As the obesity epidemic continues to plunge America into deeper doo-doo, along comes KFC to add insult to injury with their new “Double Down.”  They take a heaping helping of bacon and cheese and shove it between … are you ready? … two deep fried pieces of chicken!  The misbegotten sandwich thingy is replete with 32 grams of fat and nearly 1,400 milligrams of sodium.  It’s for the people out there who say there’s no such thing as high cholesterol or hypertension.  Jenny Everett of SELF magazine “had to try it.”  She admits “that first bite was tasty.  But by bite three my hands were completely coated in grease and I was nauseous.  Game over, Colonel.”  Check out her full report, along with some tips, at this Shine.Yahoo link!
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