Testosterone: Cavemen had the Edge

New fossil research conducted by British and Canadian scientists suggests that our cave-dwelling ancestors had far higher testosterone levels than guys today. The study focused on finger length ratios, a known correlate to testosterone exposure in the womb, to estimate the testosterone levels of fossilized specimens of ape-like early hominids, Neanderthals, and an early modern human of 70,000 years ago. The results, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, indicate that tens of thousands of years of evolution have lowered our “he hormone.” Just think how high their levels of testosterone would have been with a natural testosterone booster! Score one for the cavemen.

Of course, nobody’s calling for testosterone levels to soar back to the levels of Paleolithic times (or to be excessive in any way) and a slow decline spaced out over the millennia isn’t really something to worry about. But research into more modern testosterone levels (cited in Alpha Male Challenge) suggests a much steeper decline over the past three generations, and that is something of concern. According to the research, our testosterone levels are lower than our dads’, and their levels were lower than our granddads’. Of course, it is possible to boost your testosterone levels, and there are many ways that you can do this. One way is to make use of an EVL test (you can see a Review of EVL Test here). But that’s not the only thing that you can do.

Guys, if you want to naturally boost your levels of the manly hormone, pump some heavy iron, eat a testosterone-friendly diet by following the Fuel Rules of Alpha Male Challenge, and work on boosting your Alpha Attitude! Having something like Semenax (click here) can also help boost your sexual performance alongside your testorsterone-friendly diet.

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