Dale Leonard: True Alpha Triumph

I’m ecstatic about the way Alpha Male Challenge is changing bodies and lives. Not long ago I received an email from a guy named Dale Leonard. He was deep into the Challenge, and was looking for some additional Spartan Diet ideas. I offered some him some helpful tips to get him through the low-carb portion of the nutritional program.

The follow-up email I received from Dale blew me away!

I’m happy and excited to inform you of my successes in completing the Alpha Male Challenge! I have been a competitive bodybuilder for 25 years and have had numerous successes in my sport. I am a police officer in the Denver Area and had begun to feel very sluggish and was having a general ‘loss of vigor’ sense. I’m 46 years old and I thrive on a challenge, so I decided to embark on this great and challenging adventure of the Alpha Male Challenge.

Dale found the workouts to be “very challenging and productive” and he was particularly happy about his improvement in the vertical jump — nearly 3 inches! Although he had preexisting hip and ankle injuries, he was able to not only finish the Challenge, but to emerge triumphant! Dale recovered some of his “’lost” athleticism and his “overall fitness and power definitely improved.”  He’s even participating in a Denver Area ‘Before and After’ Contest sponsored by a local supplement company.

Dale’s body weight on the day he started the Challenge (January 11, 2010) was 201.6 pounds. Upon his completion of the Challenge he weighed an even 181 pounds – a loss of over 20 pounds! He lost over 3 inches off his waist while simultaneously gaining size on his chest! More muscle AND less fat – a phenomenal result! His overall Alpha Factor increased from 64 to 76!

I am attaching some photos and my results for you to take a look at. My before pictures here were taken the first of November 2009 but, my starting weight and fatness were the same when I began the challenge on Jan. 11, 2010. I look forward to another 10 weeks of the challenge after I complete my training and competing in the Mile High Natural Bodybuilding Contest here in Denver on June 5, 2010.

When asked if we could publish his email and pictures on the True Alpha Training blog, Dale said, “I think that would be awesome! I feel great about the challenge and my results! Please let me know when they are posted so I can inform my family and friends. TRUE ALPHA ROCKS!”

Well, Dale, go ahead and let your family and friends know! You’re True Alpha, brother! Best of luck to you in the upcoming natural bodybuilding competition!

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