Sleep Your Way to a Better Body!

Can you sleep your way to a better body? Sleep is essential if you’re a guy involved in an intense resistance training program like Alpha Wave Basic Training. Tough physical exertion requires full replenishment of lost energy and recuperation of broken-down body tissues. If you want a better ratio of muscle to fat, you have to make sure that your endocrine system is effectively releasing growth hormone. Deep sleep is when your body’s hormone release becomes most active and lively.

According to experts at the National Institute on Aging, deep sleep is vital for aging men and the release of muscle-building hormones. Less deep sleep, independent of age, can play a part in lower growth hormone levels in middle age and beyond. Research conducted at the University of Chicago suggests that lack of sleep may also play a huge role in age-related testosterone loss. Scientists found that the more sleep mature male subjects got, the higher their testosterone levels the next morning.

Most sleep experts recommend that adults get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night to help maintain optimum health. True Alpha Males engaging in an intense physical fitness regimen like the Alpha Male Challenge might need even more. Gauge how energized you feel during the day and adjust your sleep schedule accordingly.

If you are finding it nearly impossible to sleep at night then it would be best for you to find what it is that is keeping you awake. For example, the most common cause of not being able to sleep is using electronic devices right up until bedtime. These devices stimulate you so it makes it harder to sleep so shouldn’t be used an hour or so before bed. As well as this, people are often stressed and anxious by the time they get into bed, which keeps them awake and further adds to their anxieties. Cannabis, which can be smoked via the unique glass pipes on FBG, may help by calming you down and putting your mind and body into a place where sleep is possible. The strain you choose to smoke is important too, as different strains can have different benefits. In this case, strains like may be helpful for sleep. Another big cause is that the person doesn’t feel safe in their bed and are too worried about someone breaking in or something going wrong that they can’t sleep. This can be prevented by simply installing an alarm and outdoor home security cameras to create peace of mind.

You may be finding your current mattress uncomfortable, changing this simple thing could have tremendous results, you might want to check out your local mattress stores to see how you can improve your sleep.

Now go hit the pillow!

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