Skydivers Worldwide "Leap for Life" in Support of Cancer Research!

During the weekend of August 21st – 22nd, 2010, more than 70 people across the United States and Canada (including my own daughter, Lauren) took a “leap” into a whole new way of raising awareness – and money – for cancer research. This unique show of support, solidarity – and “skydiving for a cause” – was the result of the first-ever Global Leap for Life ( – a unique fundraiser I created that succeeded in raising more than $32,000 (so far!) for LiveSTRONG/the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help in the fight against cancer. You can watch the video of the jump right here and see lots of pictures on my facebook page!!

Through publicity and social media efforts, I successfully secured jumpers throughout the world (including Long Island, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Dallas, Southern California, and Canada, among others) to simultaneously “Leap for Life” and raise money for LiveSTRONG. Whilst this seemed to be a popular way of raising money, we understand that a lot of people won’t want to take this sort of leap. It can be a scary thing, so it’s understandable that some people aren’t comfortable doing this. For those who still want to show support, they could consider selling some customized patches, from somewhere like Imprint, that people could stitch onto their clothing. The money raised from that could then be donated to the charity. There are always fun ways to raise money for charity, so make sure to do all you can to support charities like this one.

Donations to LiveSTRONG in honor of this unique skydiving fundraiser are still being accepted, and can be made by visiting Your donation today may someday save the life of someone you love.

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